Registering your child’s birth

Registering your child’s birth – Online application

Online application

Can I use LifeSG to register my child’s birth online?

Yes, as long as your child is born in Singapore and you’re the biological parent. In fact, from 29 May 2022, registrations for all eligible births in Singapore should be done online.

If you’re eligible for a Singpass account, you can register your child’s birth on the LifeSG website or mobile app. If you’re not eligible for Singpass (not a Singapore citizen, permanent resident, or FIN holder), you should register your child’s birth on the LifeSG website. Do prepare a credit or debit card to make payment.

Must both parents submit an application?

Only 1 parent should start the registration as the main applicant. However, in most cases, the other parent will be required to confirm the details before the application can be submitted.

Do note that if only 1 parent has or is eligible for a Singpass account, that parent should start the registration.

My payment was unsuccessful. What should I do?

Try again with another payment method. You can also log in again at a later time to make payment. However, do note that your application will not be submitted until payment has been made.

If you’re still unable to make payment after repeated tries, email us at for help.

How do I know if my application has been successfully submitted?

You’ll be told once your application has been submitted. This usually happens after you’ve made payment.

If you used your Singpass account to register your child’s birth, you can check on the status of your application via Inbox with the LifeSG mobile app. If you’ve provided a local mobile number, you’ll also receive an SMS once your child’s birth has been successfully registered.

If you used your email to register your child’s birth, you’ll receive an email or SMS (for those who provided a local mobile number) from ICA once your application has been received.

Can I change the name of my child after submitting the application?

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll not be able to make any changes online.

After the birth has been registered, you may be able to alter your child’s name before they turn 1 year old. Fees will be charged for the application.

How can I get help to register my child’s birth online, or to download the digital birth certificate?

You can email ICA at, or visit a ServiceSG centre for help.

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