About LifeSG

About LifeSG

What is LifeSG

The LifeSG app is a Smart Nation initiative that helps citizens access government services and information in one convenient place. We make government services more easy-to-use by personalising experiences, anticipating citizens’ needs and providing meaningful solutions on a single platform. With a simplified experience, citizens can save time and focus on the things that matter.

Is the LifeSG app new?

Formerly known as Moments of Life, the app was launched in June 2018 to support families with young children and seniors. Currently, 7 in 10* Singaporean births have been registered with the app.

With the rebranding to LifeSG, we plan to expand and serve citizens beyond key moments in their lives. At the moment, the app gives you access to more than 70 services from various government agencies. Over time, we hope to include more features and relevant digital services for citizens.

* This figure refers to newborns who meet the eligibility criteria for birth registration in the app.

What are the features available on the LifeSG app?

LifeSG is a mobile app that gives citizens access to government services and information in one convenient platform. Since the app’s launch in June 2018, the app has provided services aimed at families with young children and seniors aged 60 and above. More recently, an Employment Support Guide for job-seekers was rolled out in June 2020.

From August 2020, LifeSG will have a new interface with improved navigation, topical guides and the following features:

a)  Explore Services - a feature for citizens to access more than 70 government services and information easily. These services are grouped into simple and clear topics, such as family and parenting, work and employment, healthcare, and more.

b)  Personal Dashboard – a dashboard with recommended content, notifications and action items for users to manage their applications and deadlines.

Is the LifeSG app secure to use?

LifeSG recognises the importance of data protection. We are committed to safeguard your personal data by complying with the Public Sector Governance Act (PSGA). The PSGA governs data-sharing and protection within the public sector.

In addition, we have technical safeguards which include:

  1. encrypting all data transmissions;
  2. mandating Singpass login as a requirement for access to services;
  3. checking for unauthorised logins;
  4. running the platform through regular industry standard tests.

How do I download the LifeSG app?

We will prompt citizens who have already downloaded Moments of Life to update their app from 19 August 2020. They will be able to see an improved user interface and new features.

To download the LifeSG app, you will need a smartphone, mobile data or internet access, and your Singpass account.

  1. Check that you have Wi-Fi access or mobile data switched on
  2. Go to the Apple App Store (for iPhone users) and Google Play Store (for Android users)
  3. Type in ‘LifeSG’ in the search bar
  4. In the app store, you will see the ‘LifeSG’ app developed by Government Technology Agency
  5. Click “Install”. Once the app is downloaded, click “Open”

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