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Birth registration

General questionsSee all

Who can use the app for online Birth Registration?

I am not married or I am separated/divorced. How can I register for the birth of my child?

As a single parent, can I use the app to apply for Baby Bonus?

I did not register the birth of my child using the app. Now that I have collected my child’s Birth Certificate, can I still use the app to apply for Baby Bonus?

My spouse does not have a SingPass account. What should I do?

Can I change the name of my child after submitting the Birth Registration application through the app?

Birth registration using the appSee all

How do I know if my application has been submitted successfully through the app?

Why does my spouse need to log in with SingPass as well? Can I submit the application on my spouse’s behalf?

My spouse is overseas. Can I key in an overseas mobile number during Birth Registration?

My spouse is overseas and cannot be contacted via SMS to complete the Birth Registration process. What should I do?

I am a Singapore citizen, but I gave birth to my child in a private hospital. Can I register my baby on the app?

My payment for birth registration was rejected. What should I do?

Collection of birth certificateSee all

I have registered the birth of my child on the app. What documents do I need to produce to collect my child’s Birth Certificate?

I registered my child’s birth on the app but missed my appointment to collect my child’s Birth Certificate. Can I make another appointment on the app?

I chose to collect my child’s birth certificate (BC) at ICA, and I have already made payment. Can I collect my child’s BC at the hospital instead?

Why can’t I make an appointment on the app to collect the Birth Certificate(s) at the hospital?

How do I collect my child's Birth Certificate (BC) at the hospital?

When can I collect my child's Birth Certificate (BC) at ICA or the hospital?

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