Scheduled maintenance: You'll not be able to register your child's birth on the LifeSG app from Mon, 23 May to Sat, 28 May due to the changes in the birth registration process. Please register the birth at the hospital or ICA instead.

LifeSG gives parents and newborns the best start by bringing birth registration and all relevant government support into one convenient place. Launched in June 2018, the app allows parents to apply online for birth registration and Baby Bonus.

Currently, 7 in 10* newborns have been registered with the LifeSG app (previously known as Moments of Life).

Birth registration on LifeSG

Birth registration

Log in with your Singpass to the LifeSG app and your personal information will be pre-filled when you apply for birth registration.

Baby bonus application on LifeSG

Baby Bonus

Parents can apply for the Baby Bonus at the same time when they register the birth of their child with LifeSG. With the app, you can also check your child’s Baby Bonus and Child Development Account (CDA).

National Library board membership for your baby

National Library
Board Membership

Receive a baby gift pack to kickstart your newborn’s reading journey when you register for NLB membership.

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* This figure refers to newborns who meet the eligibility criteria for birth registration in the app.