Updates to Birth Certificate (BC) collection with LifeSG

As Wirecard has ceased services, payment with VISA or Mastercard for ‘Collection at ICA’ will be temporarily unavailable.

You can still use LifeSG to apply for birth registration and Baby Bonus. But you will have to collect the BC and make payment in-person at:

  • the hospital

  • or the ICA building.

Please note that hospitals may charge an administrative fee on top of the $18 that ICA charges for birth registration.

Alternatively, you may walk-in and register the birth directly at ICA, and submit a separate application for Baby Bonus later on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I collect the Birth Certificate (BC) at ICA?

To collect the BC at ICA, you can either use LifeSG and apply for birth registration, or do a walk-in registration at the Registry of Birth & Deaths, ICA building.

However, without using the LifeSG app, you will have to apply for birth registration, Baby Bonus and NLB membership separately.

To collect BC at ICA on LifeSG app:

  1. Select ‘hospital‘ option on the ‘BC collection page‘ to complete the registration.
  2. Proceed to collect BC and make payment in-person at ICA or the hospital.

For walk-in registration at ICA, you must bring along:

  • Notification of Live Birth issued by a doctor (if any)
  • the identity cards (ICs) of the child’s parents
  • the original marriage certificate of the child’s parents (if they’re married)
  • a letter of authorisation from the child’s parents (if the applicant is not the parent)

For more information, please read registration and collection of birth certificate at ICA’s website.

I did not register my child’s birth with the LifeSG app. Can I still use LifeSG to apply for Baby Bonus and NLB membership?

If you have already collected the birth certificate (BC) without using LifeSG, you can still apply for Baby Bonus and National Library Board (NLB) membership with our app.

For Baby Bonus

  1. Go to “Menu”
  2. Select “Family and parenting” under “Services”
  3. Select “Apply for Baby Bonus” under ”BABY BONUS”, where you will be linked directly to the Baby Bonus website in the app
  4. Log in with your Singpass

Or you can visit www.babybonus.msf.gov.sg to apply.

For NLB Membership

  1. Go to “Menu”
  2. Select “Government Schemes”
  3. Select ”Sign up for Library Membership Today!”

Or visit https://account.nlb.gov.sg to register.

When will the option to pay online and collect Birth Certificate (BC) at ICA be restored?

We are unable to confirm when online payment and ‘Birth Certificate (BC) collection at ICA’ will be restored.

However, we’re working hard to fix the problem and we hope to bring it back soon. Keep an eye out for updates!

If you need further assistance, please contact us at helpdesk@life.gov.sg.