Form 1:
Submit preschool enrolment and apply for subsidies

After a child is enrolled in an infant care, child care, or kindergarten, parents or guardians must submit their enrolment details to the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) with Form 1. Use this form to also apply for subsidies for Singaporean children.

Please log in with Singpass to start your application. If you do not have Singpass, please register for an account.
If you’re not eligible for Singpass, log in with the same email you provided to the centre.

What to expect when submitting Form 1


Fill out Form 1

The main applicant will receive an email to fill in Form 1. Typically, this will be the child's mother.


Other parent’s consent

In most cases, the child’s other parent needs to fill in their details and give consent to complete the application.


Subsidy review

If eligible, ECDA will review the subsidy application and may ask for additional documents during this period.

Important details about Form 1

For Singaporean children

Form 1 is for parents to apply for subsidies and submit preschool enrolment details to ECDA. It’ll require household, parents' income, and employment details.  

Parents may apply for subsidies such as:

  • Basic Subsidy
  • Additional Subsidy

Eligible parents can also apply for Special Approval, for more support with higher subsidies. This is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Lower-income families may also apply for financial assistance, such as:

  • Child Care Financial Assistance (CCFA)
  • Start-Up Grant (SUG)

For more details on how much you can receive, refer to the subsidy tables for different programme types. You can also check your estimated subsidy amount using the ECDA subsidies calculator. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to upload supporting documents.

For non-Singaporean children

Form 1 is for parents to submit preschool enrolment details to ECDA. This is compulsory for ECDA's regulatory purposes.

Withdrawing your application

Withdraw your application if:

  • your child’s preschool enrolment details provided are incorrect
  • your child will no longer be enrolling with the preschool

To withdraw, log in and select the 'Withdraw application' button. If you’re still enrolling your child in the same preschool, contact the centre to generate a new form for you with the correct details.

Submitting Form 1 on time

Make sure to submit Form 1 by the deadline mentioned in the email sent to you. If you miss the deadline, the form will be cancelled and you’ll have to go back to the centre to generate a new one. Plus, your subsidies might get delayed.

Please start your application early as Form 1 may require consent from the child’s other parent and family members.

Staying updated on your application

Download the LifeSG app to receive updates on Form 1. You’ll also be notified through email and SMS. For subsidy applications, you’ll receive the results 1 to 4 weeks after submitting Form 1.

For more help on your application, visit the ECDA website, read through their frequently asked questions (FAQs) , or call 6735 9213.