Learning opportunities during NS

Last updated 30 April 2024

There are various opportunities for your son or ward to continue learning while serving National Service (NS). This includes self-paced online courses and sponsored diplomas.

SkillsFuture@NS initiatives

The SkillsFuture@National Service (SF@NS) initiatives provide your son or ward with learning, education and career opportunities towards the last few months of his full-time National Service (NS). These initiatives provide access for NSFs to gain practical personal and professional skills, and facilitate transition from NS to further studies or into the workforce.

SkillsFuture@NS Learning eXperience Platform (SF@NS LXP)

  • Unlimited access to over 75,000 online courses

SkillsFuture@NS Fairs

For your son or ward’s last 3 to 6 months of NS
  • Information about career and education opportunities

  • Meet prospective employers and education institutes

Employability Resilience Workshops

Learn practical career skills such as:
  • resume writing

  • networking

  • workplace communication

Visit the OneNS web portal for more information on the SkillsFuture@NS initiatives.

MINDEF-SAF Work-Learn Schemes

Your son or ward can apply to study for a diploma or attain partial university credits while serving National Service (NS) under the Singapore Armed Forces’ (SAF) Work-Learn Schemes (WLS). Under these schemes, he will:

  • Serve 4 years with SAF
  • Undergo specialised on-the-job training
  • Obtain a MINDEF-sponsored diploma or partial university credits

The 4 years of service includes both full-time NS and Regular service. This means that your son or ward will receive a Regular service salary after completing the full-time NS component of his contract.

These are the 8 Work-Learn Schemes available:


How to apply

Complete the Army Recruitment Centre (ARC) Work-Study Diploma Application form.

Alternatively, contact ARC at 1800 687 2769 or arcmdes@defence.gov.sg


How to apply

Complete the Navy Recruitment Centre (NRC) Work Learn Scheme Interest Form.

Alternatively, contact NRC at 1800 278 0000 or navycareers@defence.gov.sg

Air Force

How to apply

Complete the Air Force Recruitment Centre (AFRC) WSDip Application Form.

Alternatively, contact AFRC at 1800 270 1010.

Digital and Intelligence Service

How to apply

Sign up at the Digital & Intelligence Recruitment Centre (DIRC) website.

Alternatively, contact DIRC at disworklearn@defence.gov.sg

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